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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Videos that go viral & those that don't

Day 1 of ringing bells on the streets of Delhi, which is part of a Social Media Campaign designed to sustain the Bell Bajao campaign.
Zooming out of this, to give you a little context on the Bell Bajao! campaign by Breakthrough, an international human rights organization . Bell Bajao is a symbolic message to raise your voice against domestic violence. As opposed to popular belief, raising a voice against domestic violence is not encroaching on anyone’s privacy. Stop it, if you see it.
The Bell Bajao campaign has now become the ‘go-to’ campaign for all news/views related to domestic violence and uses the power of popular culture, media, and community mobilization to create change. It relies heavily on its fan base on FacebookTwitter and the Blog.
However the need now is to sustain the campaign using social media. The aim is to widen the circle of influence, increase engagement rather than static flow of information and create user generated content.
Hence the idea – “Kya apney bell bajai”? (Did you ring the bell?)
- Create a viral video with people from diverse backgrounds ringing the bell – Common man, Online influencers, Celebrities
- The video should be raw and not look orchestrated
- End with a call for action – “Kya apney bell bajai?” (*Did you ring the bell)
- Premier the video at the UnBox Festival as the first offline launch and amplify online
That’s day one of shooting the video, take a peek here. Disclaimer: The videographer(read: me) will not be held liable for any neck jerks after watching the video;)

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