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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 1 :: Digital Activism Fellowship

Shooting Bells with the HOHO Bus for Wheels!

Today was a long, tiring but fruitful day for us. As part of the Bell Bajao social media campaign, we were out from dawn to dusk shooting videos of people ringing the bell in diverse settings.

We ditched the car and instead took the HO HO bus (my first)  to tour Delhi and its sounds. Here are a few points that ‘rang a bell with me’:

A big hi five to the Ho Ho bus. It’s just not a marketing stunt, it works. On time with  live commentary on the history of Delhi by college students who play the conductor when free

The Ho Ho ride gets better if you have a group of enthusiastic kids singing “Why this Kolaveri Di”. (I did not like the original, but this was good)

As opposed to popular belief, Delhites are helpful and co-operative. Thoda pyaar sey samjhaney ka!
Bells are interesting and different people ring the bell different. I say ringing bells can be linked to personality traits

I was wrong when I thought twins grow out of dressing alike within a few years. We met a pair of 36 year old twins dressed alike from head to toe. (Oh they looked cute ringing the same bell)

Cops and security guards let you take liberties if you have a big bulky DSLR
And there is a story brimming everywhere – dreams, satires, melodrama, jest.  Your interpretation of these make “it a story in a story”:)

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