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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Am I going to cry too often..

The last time I came close to tears was when I saw the two movies (Jacob the liar and Life is Beautiful) about the gruesome era of the Nazi’s ( And this time around again we have the Nazi’s of a different kind. Different but more or less the same. They too take away something they have no right to take. It’s simple you only take something that you have given. So my life is for the person to take, who gave it to me.

The recent terror attack on Mumbai makes me just sad, not angry. The anger is growing numb due to the frequency of such events. Have no one to blame. Not the politicians, the security agencies, Pakistan….and the list can go on. Can hurl abuses on all and say this could have been avoided :

IF the Politicians were doing what they are meant to do
IF the security agencies were proactive rather than reactive
IF Pakistan works more aggressively in uprooting the terrorist’s camps bustling in its vicinity
IF only our anti-terrorism legal framework was more robust
There are always a zillion “If’s” after a tragedy takes place. If only and this would not have happened. But what’s the point I wonder. The root of the entire hostage ordeal that lasted 41 hours would not even be these young men in their bare 20’s. Raised in madrasas from a very young age, violence, terror, hatred is injected in their DNA. Roaring to go ahead and execute such operations requires a mastermind. But this is the Mastermind of the “HOW and WHAT”. Do they really possess the rationality to question the “WHY”. A young child raised to be a terrorist??

Am just tired of all the debates that such incidents give way to. The more I watch, the more I read, the more I hear, I dig myself deeper into a whirlpool of questions that will never really have a black or white answer. Even if there is an answer somewhere, who frees me of the gloom and terror flooding my heart. The terror of what’s next and sad about what will it finally culminate into. Like termites rot my world bit by bit leading to a hollow. Exactly my feeling right now, hollow….

Just wish, oh so badly wish I don’t cry too often!