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Sunday, April 13, 2008

If only blowing off flames could get you freedom..

The other day a drive down to Khan Market with my chaddi pal Joanna got us talking about the blowing off of the Olympic torch..what a coincidence we were dropping her younger sister for athletic practice at the Jawaharlal Nehru no we two dont move are asses that much..we just exercise our mouths to discuss such incidents and eat..So in the midst of heading to Eatopia to satiate our not so hungry tummies with chicken wings and momos, got us talking..

Was this attempt an exercise in futility is what I wonder..completely emphatise with the sentiments of the people of Tibet who have been fighting for something that is their own..struggling to call their home "home"...accept that it was an act to get retaliate..but the point here is that the decision makers know enough about the whole yes new eyeballs this would fetch..but the masses who don't know about it already am sure will remember it as an act of rebellion and the cause behind it might just fade what is the right or wrong idea...does silence work or random acts of rage?..

Also when Amir Khan decides against banning the run with the torch..he is being anything but rational..a rational brand ambassador for the sponsor's of the Olympic games(read:Coke) the moral police here better not raise eyebrows and force him to make statements like "I will run with a prayer for the Tibetans in my heart"..he will run my friends, with a heavy heart and errr pocket!

P.S. Please Mr. Khan ignore the sarcasm here..the colour of money makes us run faster than we can..(there I go again..ignore this too)

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