The ‘Mighty’ Pen’s Journey From A Sword To A Swiss Knife

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beat the heat my way..GO BALD!

The obsessive person that I am, forever going mad and crazy about something..well am taking this to an all together different level now..something within me is pushing me to go near to making my way to some saloon, barber, nayi..well in this case does it really competition of skills happening;)..its like running a bulldozer on an uneven surface to make it nice n smooth..

Whats pushing me to this..nothing..just get these spurts of uneasiness..that push me to get up and change some bit of my world..and once thats done..something else has to change or go(this time its a "GO")

And every year when the Delhi heat gets to me..i lose my nerves and feel that this is the shortcut to Antarctica! of my friends has done just that this summer..and he is trying to convince me to do the same.. he adds spice to his life by fueling my weird fantasies..he made me stalk a man you know where we coming from..

So what do I do..will it be a mistake..well there are more chances of it being one than a success..but am sure within a few months will grow it all back..maybe a better bunch..
My mum dreads meeting me every evening ever since she has discovered this new beast that possesses me..she wants to die before she see's me this way..

Oh hell..what do I do..take a plunge or just contemplate and make others to do the same..something will happen soon to my already little left(not to mention just had a cut last week) see the early signs to a very unstable "hairy" state of mind
just a small crossover it will sounds comforting..and convincing..well lets wait and watch..which way does the Persis Khambatta in me take!


Jasmine said...

you're an angel,all this is just a garb!

Ravi S said...

Hahahhaha!!! Go girl Go!!!!