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Sunday, March 30, 2008

When ears become prickling needles!

This past week was in touch with a colleague in the Mumbai office over a ship "Queen Victoria" we were trying to dock..This I think was my third o fourth conversation with him..Now that we figured out what is to be done for the queen, the final adios was just round the corner...well not yet.. hold on..This amazingly insightful person says, " Mansi I think you should get your haemoglobin checked" isn't this a blessing..a blessing for the entire human race..
A solution to all those prickling needles which suck blood out of us with an "aahh".. no need of visiting those white doctor cubicles where forever the stench of medicine next time you feeling nauseous..just dial a mumbai number(oh how i wish i could leave a number) and say "Yai yai doctor) in your ears right now should play "Heal the world"..and btw I too can bet that the singer here Michael Jackson suffers from ahem ahem hemoglobin deficiency..

And you..yes yes talking to these pair of eyes looking into my blog..go get your corneas checked!


Pankaj Upadhyay said...

lol.. I checked my corneas and still was able to read that stuff..
don't know what to say.. Just can leave my smile here :)

Joanna said...

I read it too...bad eyes, huge glasses and all.
And I can leave one comment here....Mansi Pal! Your spellings are atrocious.