The ‘Mighty’ Pen’s Journey From A Sword To A Swiss Knife

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Am a finally finally a idea what am I going to write with thousands watching...will i be just myself o web words to make an impression! i here to manipulate minds or is this is an outlet to my inner turbulent self?..if it is that why can't i just make a nice "My Diary"..Why am I a blogger?...I wonder!

I often don't have answers to half the questions I ask myself or things I do?..if u do, let me know...and help me know myself better..


Joanna said... word I've gotten to hear too many times in the past week.
Why, I got a call from this impulsive psycho who chose to confide in me about creating one herself...Hmm...I wonder whether she saw the end of that dream.

These are difficult times.

Alok said...

Hmm....I won't comment on what intentions you might have for starting your blog. When I started writing blog (and stopped in a couple of weeks) I had only get some attention...phew!

Coincidentally our blogs look similar...we chose the same format!! Please visit if it's still breathing out there

nicola said...

ahem.....its more like a 'blob'...i hope u live up to your expectations..(not much i know) wahahahahahahahahaha....i'm gonna make u all squirmy..