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Thursday, March 27, 2008

50 things I know about myself..

1. I absolutely detest personal mails written like it were a Market Research questionnaire..
2. Love extra chicken in my Chicken Sub..but hate paying extra for it..
3. Don't think there's a better way to eat rice but with hands on a banana leaf..
4. I find lists like 50 Things I hate about you, 50 Things to do during a Sermon!, 50 Signs your Spouse Loves your Cat more than They Love, 50 Places to build a Snowman!, 50 Bugs/Insects to find in your bowl of Soup! rather silly...(these are real lists people have tried putting down, not an attempt to crack you up) ..But still game for "50 things Mansi knows about herself”..
5. Love boasting about how I helped anchor a ship in Port Blair..
6. I am dangerous combo of impulsiveness and clumsiness, the first one to walk on a floor with a "Wet floor" sign to test its truthfulness and the first one to slip on it too..
7. The thought of scratching ones nails on wall irks me like hell and I often think of it.
8. Have stalked a man along with a man just for fun..
9. Have slipped from landscaped hills during my attempts to spy on people trying to answer their "nature's call"..
10. Am yet to date a man of my age group..
11. Enjoy watching a co-worker peel an orange with army precession..
12. Think its very very silly for woman wearing a navel revealing top, trying to hide the navel by pulling the top down again and again..
13. Hate men who scratch their balls in public with an air that its almost like scratching your head when deep in thought..
14. Just reviving from the phase of watching cheap movies in the front row of cheap movie halls with cheap men blurting cheap comments and enjoying every bit of it!!
15. Absolutely hate men who pee on toilet seats and then dont wipe it after use..."well a woman who wants to sit on it will wipe it or can just mount it and relieve her bladder"..aarghh..feel like putting their heads in the commode..
16. Have a habit of mixing all the dal,sabji, curd and rice together and then eating it with chapatti..
17. I can eat with chopsticks..
18. I am an elaichi tea addict, often get up at 3 to make myself a cuppa..
19. Hate dudh wali chai, like mine to be strong with little sugar and obviously the elaichi..
20. I am an emotional eater..
21. As a teenager have struggled with weight..was once 82kgs and have fought hard to bring it down to a healthy 62.25 kgs.
22. I wish was atleast 3 inches taller.
23. Love the endorphin rush I get after exercising..
24. Am the only non-vegetarian in my family of devout vegetarians, love disgusting my mother about how a chicken is cut and this when she is having her meal..
25. Don't think I can ever grow my finger nails, long nails feel like weights tighed at the end of the fingers..
26. I smile when am terribly embarrassed
27. Hate make-up otherwise, but can not do without kajal..think I look sick without it now.
28. Love silver oxidized earrings, seldom you will find me without it.
29. I will never color my graying hair..almost look forward to my short jet white hair..
30. I prefer dressing according to my body type..
31. I can make myself look rich and classy dressed in clothes from Sarojni o Janpath..
32. I have an "earthy" sense of style..
33. I often overanalyze the most trivial things..
34. Most people think am the coolest person around, but am more often than not anxious about something or the other..
35. I think its unfair to judge people because we will see ourselves doing the same thing when faced by the same circumstances as the person we judging right now..
36. I often get up with a jerk in the middle of the night with a feeling that I have just fallen from somewhere..
37. I have learnt to be a listener

38. I know I will find my final true love one day, but feel that will come to me after a million heart aches..
39. I can plant my ass at a public place and watch people for hours without getting bored..
40. 5 years from now I will be a countrywoman playing guitar and mooing cows with my horse..
41. Let go of my previous resolutions when struck by an intense wave of passion…lose every bit of rationality in such a state..
42. Hate infidelity, believe its just not right to sail in two boats..those few things in life which are either black or white..force myself to look away from the grey here..
43. I often dream and obsess about something I so badly want to happen, but easily get bored when it materializes..
44. I am not a sweet, goody-goody person..if I don't like a person make sure he/she knows it..
45. Am absolutely scared of back stabbers..
46. My anger is like a champagne bursts out..but fizzes out really soon..
47. I often say things I don't mean when angry, believe in giving my 100% in getting angry and making the other person angry..
48. Love splurging on close friends and family, expect them to do the same once in a while if not as often as I do..
49. I am most likely to count wrong from 1 to 50
50. Hate it when I have 999 things to say, but can only say 50..


Anoop said...

Read the first 14 then kinda lost intrest cause there wasn't anything juicy or i did not know types......
Keep jabbing girl... Someday when i have nothing else to do, i promise to read all 50 of them until then i only assume i kinda know you

Alok said...

Hmm....I need to get bald to have you as a date.

But why is 23 empty? I hope it's not typed in black font.... :)

Loved reading it. Rarely, if ever, people put so much effort into knowing themselves.

deshu said...

i guess it's rather interesting...i agree dt d best way to eat rice is on a banana leaf... used 2 feel sooo sorry 4 bald dt i know sum women like bald men its jst fine - lucky guys... n stop waiting 4 true luv n jst get high on life...true luv cn go fuck itself...grt writing oderwise

M.J. said...

no 47 on your list do i put this politely?....well no 47 is bullshit....hahaha.....would love to go into the details of all this but am sleepy.....we'll discuss it when we meet my darling mansi...

M said...

no. 49! oooh!!

Arushi said...

I love this.We are so alike Mansi :D
I have such similar thoughts.
Especially this one-

40. 5 years from now I will be a countrywoman playing guitar and mooing cows with my horse..