The ‘Mighty’ Pen’s Journey From A Sword To A Swiss Knife

Thursday, March 27, 2008

22..and still dont know myself !!!

It's like probing your inner self..turning unturned know what lies beneath..i kinda feel..infact feel very very strongly that its tough knowing yourself..we spend years trying to understand others..without realizing how little we know about ourselves..and its not as discreet as I love mercedes..i hate BMW..i love john lenon..i hate prabhu deva..i love jalebi..i hate olives..
Its like I don't know how to put it..but will try..u know we behave in a certain pattern..why we do something we do..why we react to something and absolutely numb to the other..why we think what we think..there's a story behind it..thats the door to the real you..and unlocking that door is very difficult..but this way atleast we looking for the keys..u know what I mean?

So writing is like a journey of self discovery..thats what I love about the whole just said yai yai to the dormant writer in me to get closer to this stranger called "Mansi"..

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